Charles Owen Showjumper XP Riding Hat



Charles Owen Showjumper XP Riding Hat This Charles Showjumper XP Riding Hat is a traditional hat covered with thick pile Italian velvet and fitted with a neat padded soft leather, deerskin coloured harness. This riding hat has an energy absorbing peak, making it safer than most jockey skulls. This technological enables riders to retain a smart and traditional appearance, whilst remaining safe. .The Showjumper XP has a slightly lower profile than previously with a shallower peak yet retains the classical deep fit. The supersoft headband is embedded with high tech silver ions, providing built-in antimicrobial protection, keeping the helmet hygienic and free from smells. > Riding Hat > Silver antibacterial technology > Energy absorbing peak > Thick pile Italian velvet > Deer skin coloured harness > Charles Owen branding Multi


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